The Incredible Escaping KitKat

Well, I made it to Halifax, although I had a very intersting flight with Kitkat. Even in her highly drugged state, she still was able to escape twice on the airplane. If you can believe, she actually chewed through her case twice!! The first time was between Winnipeg and Toronto, I was half asleep and I look down and she’s making a break for it. Then I wasn’t allowed back on the plane to fly to Halifax until she was contained, so I had to do a quick patch job with tape at Toronto airport. Then between Toronto and Halifax, with the front of the case safely enclosed, she decided to chew her way out the side of the case as well. You see the security guys at the airport using metal detectors, were not able to detect her as a dangerous weapon. I think my experince is best explained if you watch this video:

All and all, I made it here, alive. Our apartment is right on Barrington (map), 3 blocks from harbor, 3 blocks from Superstore, 3 blocks from MEC and right close to Spring Garden road, couldn’t ask for a better location.

Although the actual apartments main windows look directly onto a wall about 2 metres away, and apparently the ceiling has no insulation because I am able to hear the person upstairs farting.

As for work, I got one good lead, looks like some guy is selling his clam fishing license