Kitkat’s Clothes Hanger Incident

Our apartment came with some furniture (couch, bed, coffee table) but it also came with a bunch of useless stuff like folding lawn chair, some terrible green curtains and excessive number of clothes hangers. All this junk was waiting in a big pile by the door, which I was planning on taking out as soon as we got back from buying groceries.

We returned from getting groceries less than 15 minutes later to find, which appeared like our place had been vandalized, our pile of neatly stacked junk was scattered across the entire room. The phone from the desk was now lying on the floor off the hook, the clothes hangers were thrown all about the living room and in the center of this disaster, was Kitkat’s red collar wrapped around the hook of a hanger, and her sitting on the couch as if she did something bad.

Unfortunately we were not around to enjoy watching her devastate our living room and only got to enjoy the clean up….