World’s Greatest Grocery Store : Pete’s Frootique

Hidden in downtown Halifax, is one of the most amazing grocery stores I have ever seen, Pete’s Frootique (map). Where typical grocery stores only have fresh items displaced around edge of store with entire interior filled with packaged processed goods, Pete’s does the exact opposite.

“Pete’s new downtown Halifax location is a place where community meets cosmopolitan, and is saturated with texture, fragrance and colour. From local produce to horticultural wonders of the culinary world, Pete shares his adventurous passion for Mother Nature’s offerings.”

Much like a farmers market, the center of store is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables maybe displaying their organic source. The meat and fish section is also quite remarkable, amazing cuts of steaks and fresh seafood. You will also notice their close attention to fair-trade and organic items through the entire store.

Besides being filled with amazing foods, you will also find a piano player, yes, thats right, a piano player. I’ve captured a little video clip for everyone to enjoy.

If you are ever visiting downtown Halifax, make sure Pete’s Frootique is one of your stops.