& : Two websites for a better world

The web 2.0 movement has created more than just online social networks for bored high school kids. There are also a few websites that are actually taking real action to help create a better world.

The microfinance movement has proven to be incredibly successful way of getting entrepreneurs off the ground with an amazing repayment rate on loans. These small loans could be as simple as loaning $5 to a person in developing country to buy a chicken so they can sell eggs to their neighbors. The problem is that people here in Canada have no way to interact directly with those who need it the most, until now… ‘lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world – empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty’. Each entrepreneur has a profile, photos, location and gives their argument why they deserve your loan. Just browse through some of the profiles and you’ll be amazed by their stories, truly encouraging. And just checkout the list of praise they have received from the press.

The real power of the web 2.0 is it’s ability for self supporting social networks flourishing from user contribution, the more people that contribute, the more they grow. And part of the problem with any world issue, is always lack of education. People who are informed are able to make choices and take action. Global warming for example, most people don’t know how they can help, until now… is a social network that lets people openly exchange ideas and actions. The concept is simple, create a change in the world you would like to see, and others can contribute to helping your cause for example recycle. Or add an action to growing list with simple yet real ideas like carpool once a week or buying local. The online profile of contributors is one reason why this social network is growing, because it allows contributors to build an online profile giving a face to change.

If you come across other good web 2.0 style sites that are promoting change, please add a comment so others will also know.