The Loss Of A Good Friend

I recently had the tragic loss of a very good friend. An excellent teammate, amazing runner and a great friend, his loss came as a complete shock to us all. Having recently qualified for Boston on his first marathon, running in upcoming Canadian Death Race this fall, and having three beautiful daughters, he had so much to look forward to. And although we all knew him as the outgoing happy guy, he carried a deep sorrow in his heart. The especially upsetting part is that although he was surrounded by friends who would do anything for him, none of us knew the pain he was feeling inside. If only he had reached out to one of us we could have done something, but now there is nothing we can do.

The idea that he is now gone still does not seem real. I still think that when I return to Saskatoon, we’ll meet up at Rotary Park, run a few McPherson hills, then share some good conversations over a few drinks at the Yard. I just wish this tragedy could have been avoided.

I want to pass along this important message to everyone:

No matter how bad things appear and how alone you feel, there is always someone who will listen to you. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend or even a complete stranger, there is always someone that will listen. Pick up the phone or just show up at their house, take them out for coffee, tell them how you are feeling, even ask for a hug. And don’t feel like a burden, because I’m sure you would do the same for them when they needed someone.