Craik Sustainable Living Project

If you ever are driving along highway between Chamberlain and Saskatoon, I’d highly recommend you stop in at the Craik Eco-Centre/Clubhouse.
Built from ground up to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, the golf clubhouse is an impressive structure; straw bale insulation, composing toilets, geothermal heating, solar panels and built with recycled grain elevator timbers. After grabbing piece of saskatoon pie and coffee, walk through the facility and checkout the information wall plagues.

The entire Craik community has fully embraced the environmental movement:

“We believe that sustainability will become the dominant issue of the 21st century. Our society needs to develop ways of living that are economically viable and socially just which do not at the same time destroy the ecological base that sustains us and all other life on the planet. The Town and the Rural Municipality of Craik therefore, propose to embark on a joint long-term project in search of ways of living that address the issue of sustainability and rural revitalization through physical demonstration of viable solutions.”

Craik has even created an ecovillage offering plots of land to people with a plan for sustainable living in the community. There community action also helps people determine their ecological footprint. For more information on Craik and all their environmental initiatives visit their website.