Random Acts of Kindness

Awhile back I had interesting conversation with April’s friends regarding random acts of kindness, and the long lasting effects they have on those they touch.

Robyn told us this story about her dad, while in lineup at Tim Hortons, had person in line front turn and say ‘I’ll also buy a coffee for my friend here.’ What’s interesting is not just the fact that a complete stranger did random act of kindness, but that it continues to pass along years after the good deed.

The idea to pay it forward is simple, repaying the good deeds one has received to other unrelated people. The book made into movie, has triggered an entire human movement of doing random acts of kindness to others.

The key point is not to just do good things in hope that you’ll be rewarded in return, but to repay for the good deeds you have already received from others. And it could be as simple as opening the door for someone, saying thank you or complimenting a stranger, you’ll be surprised the effect it will have on others.