Navy Aircraft Carrier

Coming from the prairies, I am still amazed to see these incredibly large ships. Today for example, the USS Wasp, USA navy aircraft carrier strolled through the habour and docked just across from the casino.

” The USS Wasp, which arrived in port yesterday, is an amphibious assault ship: it looks like a small aircraft carrier but it can get closer to the action. For a while now, Canada has been considering adding an amphibious assault ship to the fleet.

The Wasp can carry 2,000 marines and send them into combat with all their gear, tanks and anything else they need to launch an assault. But for the upcoming exercise and the visit to Halifax, there are only a handful of marines on board and no aircraft.”

If you are interested in the harbour activity, you can checkout for six different live webcams of the waterfront. Or you can visit my photo gallery of various east coast sites.