Working on the tall ship Caledonia

For the past three weeks, if you can believe, I’ve been working rebuilding a sailing ship. Since coming back from April’s school break and helping seeding on the farm in Saskatchewan, I’ve been looking for another software contract job. Unfortunately thinks were not as promising as I hoped, but an opportunity arose for me to help the crew from Canadian Sailing Expedition rebuild the tall ship Caledonia.

Coming from the farm, and not afraid of hard work, I thought a prairie boy like myself doesn’t get many chances to work rebuilding a ship, so here I am, a flat lander, helping doing everything from installing insulation, wiring electrical boxes, welding and grinding to installing doors and moving scrap steal on a ship. The crew of the Caledonia has been great, and it’s amazing to know that the ship we are working on will be sailing the Caribbeans this winter!