The Dale Zak

The Dale Zak can be found mainly in Southern Saskatchewan and is easily spotted by its distinctive toothy grin. However, it should not be confused with the Eastern species of toothy-grinned gregarious male, the Peter McKay.

The Dale Zak’s diet consists mainly of grilled cheese, peanut butter, and beer, though it has been known to forage for vegetables when its preferred foodstuffs are unavailable.

The Dale Zak is attracted to the female type of skinnius blondius, and seems to have attached itself to the April Hiebert of the species. Both the Dale Zak and the April Hiebert can be found running across the plains, and once a suitable partner is found, both mate for life.

The April Hiebert is an indecisive and particular creature. It takes its time when searching for a mate, but is obviously attracted to the Dale Zak that dresses as a sunflower for the autumn festivity of Halloween.

The Hiebert species as a whole is generally quiet. The Dale Zak, however, has a loud mating call which is capable of both shocking & attracting the April Hiebert. The common meeting place between Hieberts & Dale Zak is the feeding grounds due to their love of copious amounts of food.

The entire Hiebert genus is very glad to have such a gregarious, elated and euphoric Dale Zak in its midst. We are proud that this will add great diversity in the continuing propagation of the Hiebert & Zak gene pools. We look forward to multiple feeding times respite with perogies, cabbage rolls, saskatoon berries, and beer.

by Amy & Wes Hiebert & Lia Pas