The Saskatchewan Song

Saskatchewan, the land of snow
Where winds are always on the blow
Where people sit with frozen toes
And why we stay here no one knows

Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan. There’s no place like Saskatchewan!
We sit and gaze across the plains and wonder why it never rains,
And Gabriel blows his trumpet sound, He says “The rain, she’ll come around”

Our pigs are dying on their feet
Because they have no feed to eat;
Our horses, though of bronco race,
Starvation stares them in the face

The milk from cows has ceased to flow,
We’ve had to ship them east, you know;
Our hens are old and lay no eggs,
Our turkeys eat grasshopper legs.

But we still love Saskatchewan,
We’re proud to say we’re native ones,
So count your blessings drop by drop,
Next year we’ll have a bumper crop!