Clean Teeth = Happy Kitkat

You may find it hard to believe, but Kitkat has been overly friendly and cuddly lately. At first April and I thought maybe her positive behavior was part of an evil plot. But we now realize that it might be because of her teeth.

Before I left Saskatoon last January, I took her in for a checkup to vet, and the vet made comment on the poor condition of her teeth, and likely would need to have some removed. Not having an extra $500 to get her teeth pulled, I decided to wait. About a month ago, we bought her some cat treats, turns out they also help improve cat’s teeth. Since then we’ve noticed a drastic improvement in her attitude towards life in general. And after examining her teeth, noticed she doesn’t have infected gums anymore.

It’s a bit shocking to think that all her bitterness could have been caused by her poor dental hygiene. And if it worked this well for Kitkat, there are a few people I’d like to give these cat treats to do, may also help their nature…