Lululemon and MEC Pull Bottles With Bisphenol From Shelves

Awhile back I blogged about the dangers of bisphenol. Well Lululemon and MEC have both made steps in right direction, pulling plastic bottles with bisphenol from their shelves:

“Earlier this month, Health Canada officials said while no recall notice has been issued for the bottles they are conducting an assessment of bisphenol A as part of the federal government’s chemicals management plan. A preliminary report is expected in the spring.
Lululemon was congratulated by Environmental Defence for its decision Tuesday. The Toronto-based environmental group said it expects other large Canadian retailers to follow suit soon.
Mountain Equipment Co-op made the decision earlier this month to pull most food and drink containers that used the chemical from its shelves. ” –

Many products we use everyday contain harmful cancer causing chemicals, yet manufacturers remain silent about their potential dangers. There are two ways to change this. One, being a consumer, you can choose not to buy these products. And two, retailers can take action pulling these harmful products from their shelves.

From a business perspective it also makes a lot of sense; they are avoiding possible lawsuits down the road and they also build customer trust by looking out for the shoppers best interest. Hopefully other large retailers follow their lead…