Woodrow Exhibit at Mendell

The bad news is I never got to visit the Woodrow art exhibit while in Halifax. But the good news is that it’s now in Saskatoon at the Mendel until January 6th!

“Nine large sculptural works incorporating video and animatronic elements, and a video by the artist reflect the key elements that define small town life: a farmhouse, a barn, grain bins, a workshop, the church, the hockey rink, the grain elevator, and finally, the road into (and out of) town. The run-down buildings are inhabited by a series of re-animated “ghosts” that harken back to the histories of the sites and their importance to Patterson’s family (the show is a tribute to his inventor grandfather). Through his use of stop-motion animation and robotic figures, Patterson infuses new life into what at first glance is a dead town.” – Mendel

If you haven’t already, stop by the Mendel and checkout this nationally recognized work by the young Saskatchewan artist, Graeme Patterson.