First Day In London

Brilliant! Marvelous! We arrived in London around 6am, tired and ready to sleep. A 50pound ($100cdn) cab ride to the Swiss Cottage area of London, we arrived at our Palmers Lodge hostel but unfortunately we could not check-in until 2pm. So April and I, spent the next 6 hours riding the tube, finding her workplace and touring nearby area. Desperate for sleep, we even bounced around the idea of going to a movie just for a place to rest our heads. Jet lag and 24 hours of no sleep took its toll but luckily some great espresso coffee kept us going.

So far London has been marvelous! The hostel has been great, free wifi, bar downstairs and cheap breakfast in mornings, although will be nice to have our own flat and not share the room with 12 other people for various reasons.

The prices will take some getting use to, everything seems normal price but with conversion it’s actually double (1.00 GBP to 2.008 CAD). Looks like the cheapest flat we’ll find is around 1000pounds/month which is $2000cdn/month. Pretty wild that the very cheapest places in London are more than some of the most expensive places in Saskatoon!

The vehicles in London are brilliant! Seen lots Smarts, Minis and other ultra-compact cars, spotted a sweet lamborghini, plus loads of those big red double-decker buses and black taxis ripping around.