Flat Hunting, Like Being On Amazing Race

Wow, flat hunting is sort of like being on Amazing Race!

Yesterday we found a good one bedroom flat close to April’s work, but unfortunately we could not move in until February 14th. But being the nicest and closest flat we’ve found, we decided to take it.

On my way for a noon appointment to drop off holding deposit, I got a call about another flat that just came available and could be viewed at 11:30am. This new flat is on Stamford Street, just two blocks from the busy Waterloo station and only 0.8 miles from April’s work, so a pretty great location too.

As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the place; beautiful furniture, big windows and new hardwood, it felt like a trendy bed & breakfast. I quickly rang the other agent to postpone our noon meeting until 1pm. I contacted April, and made another viewing for 12:30pm so she could see this new flat. Over her noon break we viewed the flat together and she loved it too. And good news, this flat is available straight away!

So, now being 12:40pm, I still needed to get back to other agents office to cancel our previous holding. The agent was only available until 1pm due to other appointments, so with the clock ticking, I ran over to Waterloo station and hopped on the tube over to London Bridge station. But silly me, I forget my city map, but I knew her office was on Tooley St, so I headed in that general direction. Finally, after several wrong turns and asking few directions along the way, I found her office at 1pm. So within an hour & half, I found new flat to let, canceled holding on existing flat, ran and tubed all over south London and still had time for a coffee along the way. What a race!