Joining VendAsta

Well, I’m excited to be joining the VendAsta team! This Saskatoon-based software company specializes on developing revolutionary mobile and web business applications. I believe VendAsta is destined for great success after assembling such an incredible group of innovators. I feel very privileged to be surrounded by such talented people.

Although I will be in London for most the year, I will be making my contribution remotely. Our daily scrum meetings are held over Skype, with the great quality of video it provides, it’s like I’m right there in Saskatoon (minus the cold weather). We are also making heavy use of Google Apps for collaboration of documents and presentations. And Gmail and GTalk so tightly integrated makes the entire package great for working remotely. The downside to being in London is missing out on Beer Fridays, although I can always grab a pint at White Hart on their behalf.