Our Dutch Friends And The Rubbish Pile

Isn’t it strange how the unplanned and spontaneous moments end up being the most entertaining? Last night after walking through Soho, April and I stopped in at a little Thai buffet for a quiet supper. Shortly after sitting down, a group of somewhat gassed Dutch guys walked in. Visiting London for weekend from Amsterdam, they were quite enjoying the pubs of London.

After sharing a couple bottles of wine with them and several conversations about Amsterdam’s red light district and movie lines from Pulp Fiction, one of guys fed his drunkest buddy a very large spoon full of hot chili peppers. One of these peppers were almost too much to handle, and this guy ate at least 50 of them! Moments later he got a very odd look on his face, running out of the restaurant and throwing himself onto a large pile of rubbish, and proceeded to make sick on it. This brought quite the laughs from those in the restaurant. We couldn’t possibly think of anything funnier than seeing him sprawled across a pile of rubbish. That was until we noticed the garbage truck packing up coming to get the trash!