Jose Gonzalez at Shephard’s Bush Empire

Wow! Went to see Jose Gonzalez last night at Shephard’s Bush Empire and what an incredible show! Pretty amazing that a single guy with a guitar can have an entire theatre on the edge of their seats, captivated by every puck of his guitar strings.

He played his knockout version of Massive Attack’s Teardrop. You can listen to Jose’s version here José GonzálezTeardrop (live) or download the free mp3.

Here is video of Jose Gonzalez playing Down The Line at Toronto this past December, as you can see video, an amazing performer.

You can find more of Jose’s videos on Last.FM.

One thought on “Jose Gonzalez at Shephard’s Bush Empire

  1. We are actually pretty lucky we even made the show. I got the location of theatre mixed up, ended up in Wembley Park, way on the other side of London.

    Luckily there was an opening act, and we got to Shepard’s Bush just before Jose went on stage.

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