The Memory Project : 360 Degree Time-Lapsed View Of London

Last Saturday while walking along the south bank, we came across an interesting phenakistoscope shaped building. After taking a closer look, we discovered it was actually an art exhibit called the Memory Project.

“Inspired by Bluebook, the artist Jason Bruges has created The Memory Project – a 21st century ‘cyclorama’. The structure camera-captures panoramic moments in time and stores them within its digital memory bank. Inside, visitors can explore the stored history of the installation and interact with the displayed 360 degree images.” – About

Pretty neat idea, on the outside the cameras capture 360 degree photos every five seconds for three days. On the inside, body heat sensors control what is shown on the displays, the closer you stand to the screen, the further you look back in time. Here is a BBC interview with Jason Bruges explaining how his cyclorama works.

Here is our photo from 2008.04.19 at 21:21 with the always lovely OXO Tower in background.