A Morning Run In London

Although I’ve been here for over two months now, I am still amazed by all the London landmarks. Even on my runs I find myself stopping and looking up.

This morning’s run, after heading under the London Eye, I made my way over Westminster Bridge and past Big Ben. Strolling by Westminster Station and through St James Park, I ran past Buckingham Palace and Canada Gate crossing over into Green Park. A quick jog through Green Park and into Hyde Park, I always have to look both ways to avoid mini brompton bicycles and horseback riders. Next a run along Serpentine lake and into Kensington Gardens to see the St James Memorial and Princess Diana Fountain. Finally, on my way back home as I come back over the bridge, I catch a glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gerkin and the Tate Modern in the distance.

All of this I still find quite surprising and unusual.