Canadian Death Race ’08

Another year, another Canadian Death Race and what a year it was!
This was our third year racing, and once again my team continues to amaze me. We completed the 125 grueling kilometers across the rugged Rockie Mountains in Grande Cache, Alberta, beating our past two years, finishing in under 15hours (14h59m) and placing 25th overall. And if we weren’t late arriving at Leg Four transition, after Jean totally dominated Leg Three, we would have been in the top twenty). Still, not bad for a bunch of flatlander’s from Saskatoon.

After running Leg Two last year and Leg Four the year before, I was fortunate to run Leg One this year. Although, it’s considered the easiest leg, it still was no walk in the park, taking me 1h34min to finish the 19km.

Let me tell you, it’s an incredible feeling seeing your teammate come in after running such a grueling leg. We are looking forward to next year, when we run even faster and beat this year’s time. You can view photos from this year’s race here.