Hurling Final in Dublin : Waterford vs Kilkenny

This past weekend we did a trip to Dublin, being our first time there we checked out the typical locations; Temple Bar area, Grafton Street and our course, the Guinness Brewery.

But by pure luck this weekend was also the Hurling Final, the biggest sporting event in Ireland. The Hurling Final to the Irish, is like Super Bowl to Americans. Never having seen a Hurling match before, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so we managed to snag some tickets to the already sold-out match.

This year the returning champs Kilkenny (orange and black) played Waterford (blue and white), who hasn’t been to the final in over 45 years! Let’s just say, being amongst 82,000 fans was intense!

Kilkenny definitely dominated the match
and in the end, squashing Waterford by 23 points. Towards the end of the game, hundreds of security guards lined the edge of the stands, waiting for final whistle to prevent people from rushing the field. But a few hundred guards can never restrain 82,000 people and they had to fall back to Plan B.

And this is what Plan B looks like when that many fans rush the field.