Following Mara Triangle?

The Mara Triangle is a region of the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya which took a massive hit to tourism this year following the post-election violence. The park depends on visitor fees to fund anti-poaching patrols, but with lack of tourism rangers have turned to the web as an alternative mechanism of funding to protect their wildlife.

Yesterday, something incredible happened. Joseph Kimojino, a park ranger and avid blogger/tweeter, posted a request for $200 to help fund a long-drop toilet which would help improve the sanitation for an entire village. Well, five hours later he reached his goal thanks to his followers on Twitter.

This is incredible; a park ranger on a game reserve in Kenya, asked for help, and within a few hours his request was answered by people around the world. I believe there is a social movement starting, where technology is bridging the gap between those in need and those who can help.

Appfrica recently had two excellent articles about 20 Ideas for Social Entrepreneurs Part 1 & Part 2, both are definitely worth a read. Or if you want to learn more about Mara Triangle, here are some links: