Hoongle, Helping Feed Hungry Children With Every Search

Hoongle is a simple idea: a custom Google Search where profits go to support the UN World Food Fill A Cup Program.

With every search, Hoongle donates 20 grains of rice to help feed malnourished children around the world. The search results of Hoongle are identical to Google. The only difference is that the query originates from Hoongle, so Google shares a percentage of their click revenue.

  • Every six seconds a child dies because he or she is hungry
  • There are over 900 million undernourished people in the world today
  • Hunger is the number one risk to health worldwide – greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined

20 gains of rice might not seem like a lot, but if you used Hoongle just twice a day for a year, you would contribute over 14,000 grains of rice!

20 grains of rice
2 searches a day
365 days
14,600 grains of rice

So next time you need to search, think Hoongle: www.hoongle.com