Principles of Fair Trade Coffee

This morning while grabbing a coffee at Just Us! cafe on my way theHubHalifax, I noticed a Fair Trade display that was worth sharing.

Principles of Fair Trade Coffee
Direct Trade: Coffee is purchased from democratically organized cooperatives of small farmers.
Fair Price: Farmers are guaranteed a minimum price of $1.26/lb (USD). There is also a premium of $0.15/lb (USD) for coffee which is certified organic.
Credit: Coffee buyers make credit available to the farmer cooperatives at reasonable rates, or pay in advance for a proportion of their orders.
Long-term Commitment: Cooperatives can rely on buyers’ commitment to buy their product on a regular basis. This allows them to better plan their operations.
Democratic Control: The cooperatives which are organized democratically, set up their own community-development projects in fields of health care, education, transportation and environmental protection.
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