Shock Waves, A Radio Station For Justice In The Congo

Shock Waves is a powerful documentary about Radio Okapi, a radio station in the Democratic Republic of Congo helping ‘the poorest people to be heard’. The movie follows several Okapi reporters on the front lines as they risk their lives to speak out for justice and freedom.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country whose record of human rights violations is among the worst in the world, the journalists at Radio Okapi risk their lives every day to expose the abuses of power to which the civilian population is subjected. Shooting in danger zones still in the grip of rebellion, the filmmakers follow the work of several reporters from this independent, UN-backed national radio station. In a land where silence is imposed at gunpoint, Shock Waves provides moving testimony to the struggle for freedom of expression and democracy in a country torn apart in the aftermath of war. – Shock Waves

Here are a few powerful quotes from this must-see documentary:
  • “Our weapon is our microphone”
  • “I have every reason to fight, for the poorest people to be heard”
  • “Journalism is the voice of the voiceless. It helps you to carry the message of those who whisper, those who cannot speak. You take their voice, and it gets carried farther.”