And The Winner Is…The Agora

In the spirit of change, the proceeds from Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Halifax were donated to a local charity. I believe this was important for two reasons. One, there are a lot of very worthy charities deserving of the money. Two, getting people talking about a cause helps raise awareness and understanding.

Everyone who attended the event submitted a charity into a hat, the list included: Alzheimer’s Society, Boys and Girls Club, The Arthritis Society, Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia, Imagine Bloomfield, Heart and Stroke, Adsum of Women and Children, Halifax Association for Community Living, Music Nova Scotia, Cancer Society, Leave Out Violence, Hope Phones, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Brigadoon Children Camp, United Way, GLBT and Feed Nova Scotia Food Bank.

But the winner that was randomly selected was The Agora, a networking space to meet like minded people who want to engage with social justice and peacemaking. The local church group is located on 2730 Fuller Terrace and a community garden is just one of their programs.

“Fuller Lawns Community Garden is located in the front lawn of The Agora building. The garden plots are made available to Agora members and community members with priority given to those living within walking distance of the garden. We hope that this community garden will help build relationships between our church and community members, encourage people to grow their own food and also beautify our neighborhood. This summer was a summer of small beginnings but we hope that next year and years to come will grow this garden into something rich not only in food but in peaceful relationships with one another.” – Agora

Brett Nissen, an Agora member passed along this thank you message:

Thank you again to all who attended the Mobile Technology 4 Social Change session at TheHubHalifax, as it is because of your decision to be there, that this small school actually has opportunity to continue on educating and building hope into an area where girls are undervalued and overworked. Hope is when people believe in possibilities.

For more information about The Agora, visit their website Hopefully receiving the proceeds from the event will help their fight for social justice.