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Why Social Media Will Define The Future of Politics

On Monday, May 11, Halifax was home to first round of talks on a cross country tour where members of Parliament met with local non-profits to discuss ways to reduce poverty in Canada. I attended those talks, and was quite inspired by the incredible inititives these non-profits

This past Monday I attended a public forum in Halifax on strategies to reducing poverty in Canada. This was the first set of talks as this group members of Parliament travel across the country talking with non-profits about local poverty issues. Overall, the topics discussed were incredibly interesting and vitally important.

This past Monday

Visit White House 2.0
: Inside of its first 100 days, the Obama administration has managed to set the historic benchmark for government transparency and accountability. The President’s virtual town hall meeting used WhiteHouse.gov to crowdsource questions from his 300 million constituents, complete with voting to determine the ones he’d have to answer. All told, 97,937 people submitted 103,978 questions and cast 1,782,650 votes. The White House continues to raise the bar with its official FacebookMySpace, andTwitter channels. In so doing President Obama is not just setting the standard for state and local government in the U.S. He’s establishing the world standard. The Obama administration is spreading democracy not by force but through example. Because you don’t have to be an American citizen to be a friend or follower of White House 2.0.