Web Comics Republished

Back in May I published an iPhone and iPad application called Web Comics, a RSS reader designed especially for viewing and sharing your favorite web comics.
I was excited when Web Comics hit the App Store, however rather than happy fans I was flooded by an angry hate mob on Twitter.
Here’s a blog post about the original app, and here’s another article by Lauren Davis discussing the entire ordeal. I’d recommend you read the comments on both articles, lots of interesting discussion from both sides.
Since removing the original app from sale, I’ve been busy adding improvements including the ability to add your own comic feeds. You can also select from a list of featured comics or discover comics other fans have added. The app also displays the number of times a comic has been viewed, a great way to see it’s popularity.

The app still has many of the original features including starring and filtering on unread episodes as well as sharing via Twitter, Facebook and email. The application is also designed especially for the iPad and iPhone which makes it perfect for reading your favorite comics on the go.

For artists, the app is a great way to get your comic in the hands of new readers. And since the app displays the full RSS feed content, comics with embedded advertisements can benefit from click-throughs thus generating revenue for the artist.

If you would like to have your web comic featured, please submit your comic details here or email web.comics.reader@gmail.com if you have any questions.

You can download Web Comics for your iPhone or iPad at: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/web-comics/id368792200