Educate Girls, Change the World

Great TED Talk by Tom Yellin on how educating girls can change the world.

Tom Yellin describes the ripple effect that happens to communities and entire countries by getting and keeping young girls in school.

“Educated girls…marry later, they have fewer children. They earn more money. They’re far less vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. They immunize their children and educate the next generation and that starts a ripple effect that transforms families, communities and entire countries….When you create conditions, to get girls to good schools, and keep them there through adolescents, extraordinary things happen.”

During his talk Tom Yellin had an interesting quote about the power of story telling to provoke social change.

“Stories are a way to connect to people emotionally, stories well told can change the way people see the world. And that provokes action.”

You can watch his TED Talk at